Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finished the extract() function.
Its output can be found in my SVN trunk, in fgdc_files/fgdc_terms.txt

Steps to get this output:
1. save FGDC standard as a .txt document.
2. Run the paths() function to create a dictionary of each term and its hierarchy path.
3. Pass the dictionary to dictWriter(), to save it.
Or put it directly into extract(), as a parameter.
4. Run extract(). It will ask for the following file paths:
  • FGDC Standard
  • FGDC hierarchy
  • Where to put the output
  • URL of FGDC Standard

NOTE: Not all of the terms in fgdc_terms.txt have hierarchy paths, due to inconsistencies between the FGDC standard and the hierarchy XML file.

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