Friday, August 14, 2009

what's new

Another list of updates!
  • Changed termRanker() and keyConvert() to recognize the fact that term-to-term similarity scores are not necessarily unique. Removed the option for a score-keyed dictionary as the output of termRanker(). However, keyConvert() can be used to change any ranking dictionary's keys to scores. In that case, the dictionary values are lists of information about one to several terms. These dictionaries can be converted back to rank- and path-keyed dictionaries using keyConvert().
  • Separated the calculation and reporting of statistics from the other functions in These are now handled by getStats().
  • Modified cossim() to return 0 in the case that the filter functions remove all of the words of the description.
  • Added future directions and recommendations to the documentation file.
  • Changed callFilters() to call the functions directly out of a dictionary, rather than using and if...elif...elif... setup. This shortens the code considerably, and reduces the number of functions that have to be modified when a new filter is added. Wrote a function, buildFnDict, that builds the dictionary. Its output is also used by filterHelp(), which is also much shorter now.

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