Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comparison of Rankings (Preliminary)

Just to expand on the ad hoc method I described yesterday- Here's a list of some term clusters I'll be checking out:

G-Ring Information
  • Data Set G-Polygon
  • Data Set G-Polygon Outer G-Ring
  • Data Set G-Polygon Exclusion G-Ring
  • G-Ring Point
  • G-Ring Latitude
  • G-Ring Longitude
  • G-Ring
Bounding Coordinates
  • Bounding Coordinates
  • West Bounding Coordinate
  • East Bounding Coordinate
  • North Bounding Coordinate
  • South Bounding Coordinate
  • Bounding Altitudes
  • Altitude Minimum
  • Altitude Maximum
  • Altitude Distance Units

Taxonomic Information
  • General Taxonomic Coverage
  • Taxonomic Classification
  • Taxon Rank Name
  • Taxon Rank Value
  • Applicable Common Name

All of these terms/concepts exist in both the FGDC Bio and EML standards.

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